Monday, March 07, 2005

Weather holding up!

The weather is holding up, and it now feels like we are in Spain. After our usual breakfast at a local café, we head for Seville airfield.
Its very windy on arrival as the scatter cumulus skies confirm the termic conditions, so we rig our gliders and waiting, pass the time by going over some theory and listening to some hang gliding stories from Tony our instructor.

We start flying at 17:00, and my first 3 flights are average (I seem to have lost the perfect first flight touch), the next 2 flights are spot on with good straight and level flights, tow line releases at the end and spot on landings to finish. My 6th flight involved a straight and level, tow line release and shallow left/right turns which went well including the landing.

On my last flight of the day, I released the line okay, did my turns but did not get my wings level before I landed, so my left wing got blown over as I landed! Lesson learnt, not a nice way to end the day, but I'm still happy with progress made, flights today were up to 70ft in height.

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