Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Rain, Rain, go away!

Still raining, meet at Lejair workshop and watch a few training video clips on hang glider towing.

We head for Seville, hoping weather would improve by the time we get there, so we can do some towing.

1hr and 30mins later we arrive in Seville, with a light drizzle/wind, so we decide to rig. The Seville location is a dis-used old airfield with a 2KM long runway. As the wind is only slightly off the runway, we are able to do some towing on the runway. Before I know it, I have made 5 trips across the runway with the first 2 being teether flights, and a total of about 5 mins airtime. While each flight was only a couple of secs, I'm totally elated by the experience! Main issues highlighted are not relaxing grip on A frame (in fact I was trying to hang from I rather than from the loops!) and failing to flare on landing. We de-rig after the other students had their straight and level flights (both Paul and Antonio had previous flying experience, as opposed to me being a total beginner).

Drive back to Algondanales and retreat to a local restaurant which has a big fire place where we have some food and drinks and get ourselves warmed up. Not a bad day, though we could do with some dry and warm weather tomorrow.

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