Sunday, March 06, 2005

EP exam and more flying

It’s a lazy start to the day (we are now feeling aches and pains from the running and pushing the gliders 400yards across the field), the weather is good with blue skies and scattered clouds.

We leave Algondanales at 12:30pm and arrive at the Seville airfield about 2hrs later. It is very termic when we arrive, so we rig the gliders and wait. To make good use of the time, we take our exams (Paul and I EP, Antonio CP) and to our delight we all pass. Conditions are still not right, so we go over some of the questions from the CP paper that Antonio got wrong. Tony Webb is very knowledgeable (who wouldn't be after 20 years in the business) and his understanding of weather conditions leave us all Gob smacked!

A little later, we decide to start flying and my first flight is a perfect straight and level one. During the 2nd tow, the winch quits on me over half way across the field, and since I wasn't expecting it, I belly flopped onto the deck. We later found out the winch had run out of fuel.

With the winch re-fuelled, we continue, and I release the tow line on the 4th and 5th tows.

The 6 tow was the last of the day, and the wind had picked up, so I really had to fight my way across the field and thus could not release the line as all my efforts were spent keeping the Stubby pointed at the winch. All in all a very good day, with a lot achieved.

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