Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I'm going higher.

Its an early start today as Tony Webb would like to see if Antonio who is more advanced in his training can have a hill flight off 2000ft Lejar mountain (this would count towards his CP (hill) conversion). It takes us 33mins to drive to the top, only to find it is very cold and too windy so no go for launch, however we do have a look around the 2 launch sites and down towards the landing field, my legs are now turning to jelly at the thought that I might also fly off this mountain before the end of my training.

We head for Seville airfield where conditions are also windy, so rig gliders and wait, with some revision on the CP theory.

My first flight was at 17:30, and the wind was a bit strong, I made it across the field and released the tow line, but did not get high enough to do any turns. We wait another 30mins to allow the conditions to improve and I then make another 5 flights, the last 2 were at a height of 150ft with 90 degree turns to the left and right.

"If conditions are right tomorrow, you too might get a flight off Lejar mountain" where Tony's last words to me as we de-rigged.

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