Thursday, March 03, 2005

I fly again.

It’s a warm start to the day, with the sky overcast, but no rain. There is no pain in my ankle, and I am able to walk properly.

After breakfast Morten joins me, first we go to the local pharmacy for some paracetamol and anti-inflammatory cream, we then go searching for some boots with good ankle support as I had been wearing trainers when I sustained the injury yesterday. At the second shop we visit we find some good boots that would do the job, and before we set off to Seville Morten again kindly offers to tape up my ankle for support purposes and to make sure that I don't make things worse.

We arrive at Seville with light winds, rig gliders and wait for the wind to get a bit stronger.

Conditions improve, and on the 3rd tow I make it across the field to the winch in a single flight with a belly flop for a landing! This is good for me as it eases the pressure on my right foot which has so far kept up to the punishment thrown at it. The penny has finally sunk in that I need to be relaxed and not hang onto the A frame (why did it take me so long)! On the 6th tow, I make a successful landing on my foot, but now I'm having problems with my roll control, my weight shift doesn't seem to be working properly.

After the 8th tow, Tony (my instructor) gets to the root of my problem, offers some advise which should cure the problem, I want to try this out immediately, but it is late, and there was a nil wind any way so we called it a day. It had been a very busy day (our 1st full flying day since we arrived), and all students and instructors had worked really hard.

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