Friday, January 13, 2006

Hang Glider One year ago!

Hang Glider Adventure

It is one year since I dreamed of flying a hang glider across the UK.

When I came up with the idea, I had not physically seen a hang glider before, let alone fly one. Since then I have learnt a lot about the sport of hang gliding, have obtained a flying club pilot rating and flown a glider off the top of a 2,500 feet mountain.

While I'm still not ready to take on the hang glider challenge yet, my idea is no longer a pipe dream and I'm much closer to fulfilling the dream now than when I started out in 2005.

Safety is one of my main concerns, and I have learnt from several people that you should never be in a hurry in this gliding sport, so I intend to make sure I gain enough experience to keep me safe when I attempt the challenge and also increase the success rate. So once I get my hang glider flying kit, I will be gaining experience by going out there and enjoying the sport and improving the skills I've already learnt while picking up new ones.

I look forward to the challenges that lie ahead in the year, but if I could over come the hurdles I encountered in 2005 (particularly when it seemed that I was not going to get through the hang glider training due to various issues), then I'm sure at the end of the year I will have more successes under my belt.

Check the hang glider milestones of my progress since I started out in 2005.

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