Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Ghana Hang Gliding and Paragliding Festival

I'm planning to go to the Ghana hang gliding and paragliding festival next year, and hopefully fly in it! Work commitments prevent me from going this year, and I think another year of hang gliding will mean I'm better prepared to fly in African conditions.

Ghana hang gliding festival

It is a pity that the tourist industry in Nigeria is virtually non existent. I was thinking that when I complete my challenge of attempting to hang glide across the UK, it would be nice to fly in Nigeria, but my recent trip doesn't give me much hope, unless I get full government sponsorship complete with security detail.

Ghana got their independence just 3 years before Nigeria, yet while things are not 100% okay there, they are miles ahead of Nigeria in development. In fact many Nigerians are setting up businesses in Ghana due to better conditions. I was told during my recent trip to Nigeria, that Ghana recently celebrated 10 years of continuous electricity supply. What are our Nigerian government officials doing, surely there are people that would be interested in fly hang gliders in that part of West Africa?

Saturday, March 03, 2007

My hang gliding Video is on US TV

The hang gliding video I submitted sometime ago to Al Gore's Current TV is now airing.


If you are in the US, and can get the station, then please do watch the hang gliding video, and tell me how it compares to my original, I'm in the UK, so currently can't see it.

As for my hang gliding challenge, it is March, so we should soon see some better weather, and hopefully I'll be flying my hang glider again.