Saturday, May 28, 2005

Suffolk Coastal Floaters part Deux

I made another visit today to the Suffolk Coastal Floaters hang gliding airfield, I have formally joined the club as a non flying member till I get my hang glider Club Pilot rating.

They were having their AGM today, I though I'd get there early to see a bit of flying before we retire to the local public house for the meeting.

Unfortunately the weather was not on my side again, the sky was perfect, but there was the issue of the winds which varied anything from 5MPH to 22MPH.

I arrived at the airfield where Richard Hunt was already waiting, hoping things would improve, but unfortunately after about one hour, we decided the wind was not going to die down, so we left for the meeting place. I did however get a change to have a good look around the hangar where the member's hang gliders are kept.

The meeting itself went well, and at about 20:45 I left to begin the 1.5 hr journey home but didn't get home till almost 23:30! There was no traffic problems on the way, I just missed my turning of the M25 (junction 23), and didn't realise it until I got to junction 16 for Heathrow.

The next day turned out to be a better day for hang gliding, and about 33 flights were made. I didn't go, as I had to go to church.

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