Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Bad start to June

I was scheduled to have a day of hang glider training today, so woke up early, got my packed lunch ready and at 07:00 called the Green Dragons flight line.

At first the line was busy, I waited a few minutes and got through to Andy Shaw who said the morning was not looking good, but it might be flyable in the afternoon, and I should call back at 12:00 for an update.

Since I had to make a decision on whether I was going in to the office or not, I decided I was not going to risk it, though I would have loved to be hang gliding. I thought the chances of flying to be slim and would rather earn some money at work, hence I cancelled the training.

I'll find out later on in the day if that was the right decision or not.

The longer it takes for this CP rating to fall in place the lower my drive becomes, sometimes I really think this is too much hassle and I should just pack it in. To be honest one of the main things that really stops me from doing so is the amount of money (and then the effort) that I have put in so far.

I've now booked Monday 20th June for my next session, can't do any earlier due to work and personal commitments.

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