Monday, March 06, 2006

I'm not hanging mad!

A lot of people who know about my challenge seem to think that I'm insane. Nothing could be further from the truth. Hang Gliding is a safe sport, has been around for over 30 years, the aircraft is very safe and reliable, and with proper training can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life including Africans, and there is nothing about tempting fate just because you fly a hang glider.

If you are looking for some thing insane, then check out Jeb Corliss, he is going to be attempting to jump out of a plane with no parachute, and hope to land safely wearing only a wing suit. The risks involved here are much greater, but even then, I'm sure he is only doing it because he thinks it is possible.

On the other hand some people say I'm Blog Mad, that is a bit harder to deny, but I'm finding that time is very scare to do all the things I need to do, look after a family and earn a living. If you need a Blog Mad invite, let me know.

I'm looking forward to some more publicity in the coming weeks for my adventure, as well as the prospect of flying with the Suffolk Coastal Floaters and gaining experience from the many pilots around the world via websites and other means of communication.


Omni said...

I wish you the best of luck!! :-)

(Click here if you dare)

Chris said...

Good luck, sounds like fun for some. Not for me. I'd rather be eaten up by snakes. Before you jump off the next mountain,visit my blog tell me when to watch you on the tele (unless you don't like disgusting and pointless blogs)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info on the wing suit. That Jeb guy is crazy in a good way. I posted an article on you on the NVS. Hope you like it. :)

jessafran said...

surfed here through BE and wanted to wish you luck!

Shola said...

Thanks for the wishes Jessica and Im glad BlogExplosion is send new traffic to my blog. I will be stopping by at your blog.

StrangeNights said...

Sounds like a fantastic challenge. The bloke with the wings - maybe not. Go for it. You have inspired me. I give myself a challenge a year. Last year it was to cycle joG to lands End. Unfortunately I trained up but had no money (student - retraining).

Anyway, go for it. Have you done any other crazy challenges?

StrangeNights - The weird side of the web.

StrangeNights said...

Thanks for telling me about the multiple blogs. Blogger messing me around!


StrangeNights - The weird side of the web.

Chris Duncan said...

I also happened across your site via BE. What an ambitious and courageous goal you have. Sounds like you have the determination to see it through so I look forward to hearing about your success.

Brian said...

Good luck. It sounds like a lot of fun.

Jáco Herbst said...


I haven't had a chance to read all your articles. But good luck with your adventure. England does not offer the best of weather ,which makes your task so much more difficult. Good luck anyway.
BTW do you read the Oz Report?
Visit the forum and share your experiences. Cool guys hanging out there:

Cheers mate