Saturday, March 25, 2006

Thwarted by the weather!

I had hoped to visit the Suffolk Coastal Floaters Hang Gliding Club at Mendlesham to see some hang gliding and familiarise myself with the site and learn the flying circuit, but the weather today was not on my side!

The wind was not quite co-operating and there were threats of rain later in the day, so nobody was willing to bother coming out, neither was I going to drive almost 2 hours if there was no certainty of me seeing some action.

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Spring is here, with hopefully more good weather round the corner, and I shall be seeing some action. I also hope to be getting a glider too, so I will be able to participate myself as well.


Anonymous said...

A negro flying? You better be careful airplanes may mistake you for birdshit.

Katina Mooneyham said...

The weather seems to get in the way of a lot of things. It's pretty much held me back from my gardening this year so far. But this week's outlook look's great here in Ohio so I can't wait.

I've often thought of hang gliding. My DH wants to someday. I hope he doesn't wait until we are old and gray. I don't think my body will stay young forever. Good luck with your endeavor.

Unknown Fucktard said...

What's the big deal about hang gliding across the UK? My damn back yard is bigger....

BTW I'd ignore Steve Holsten as he is a known child molester.

Owen said...

Extraordinary the way people like this Holsten character lack any concept of self-awareness.