Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I need your help please

I have started a major campaign to seek sponsorship for my forthcoming challenge, and now need your help in two ways.

If you or your company would be interested in sponsoring my wing or contribute towards the costs of making this dream of mine come true, then please have a look at my sponsorship proposal, investments as little as £100 are welcome, and you will get your logo and a permanent link to your website on my sponsors page. There are other incentives for larger sponsors.

The other way you could help if not making an investment is by helping spread the word about my challenge to friends and family or putting a link on your blog/website, and if you know of anyone whose company might be interested in sponsoring this challenge, then please contact me.

I will be doing another press campaign later in the year, to gain even more publicity.

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Anonymous said...

Blogging is about information, it is open to abuse when you start begging for money. Ask Ngozi OW!

Shola said...

Anonymous, I'm not begging for money, I'm asking sponsors to invest in my challenge, something that is common in the corporate world, they don't give their money for nothing, did you bother to check my proposal?

This is a detailed web log of my journey right from the dream to hopefully soon actually doing the challenge.

You happen to have visited my blog when the current event happens to be my sponsorship drive, something that anyone embarking on a challenge of this magnitude would do anyway. If you have cared to read any of the other numerous posts I have made over the last year, maybe you would have a better idea of what I'm all about.

This page will soon be buried among the many updates that will surely come, so you can't judge my motive by one page.

Anonymous said...

That accusation of begging seemed a bit uncalled for. Quite reasonable to raise the issue of sponsorship and sensitive of you to bring in people who can't afford financial assistance. I'm not in a position to chip in financially and I don't have blog, but you've got my good wishes and encouragement behind you for what they're worth!