Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hang Glider Airfield visit one Year on.

Exactly a year ago I had my last hang glider flight, and this last weekend I visited the Suffolk Coastal Floaters Hang Gliding club airfield in Mendlesham to see some hang gliding launches and remind me of the dream of flying across the UK in a doodlebug powered hang glider.

I didn't participate in any hang glider flying as I haven't flown for over a year due to the various reasons, I mentioned in my last hang glider blog post, and I knew my flying skills would be current enough for me to deal with hang glider safely in the conditions of a warm june afternoon.

I stayed around to watch a few hang glider tow launches, renewed my hang gliding club membership, as I could be returning to flying in the autumn when conditions are milder, and hopefully I've sorted out all outstanding personal issues.

Here is a video of some hang gliding activities from my visit to the Mendlesham airfield.


Anonymous said...

Hang on in there! The moment in the clip when your hang-glider takes off looks really exhilarating.

Shola said...

Owen, thanks for your ever continual support, hopefully one day you will see me achieving the dream. Shola