Sunday, June 03, 2007

First hang gliding flight 2007

On saturday 2nd June 2007 I had my first hang gliding flight of the year 2007. Due to one reason or the other, I have not been able to make it out to the hang gliding field.

I'm still building up experience for my challenge, and it is taking longer than I would like, but I really can't do much about that. Many thanks to all members of the Suffolk coastal floaters hang gliding club for their support.

First flight 2007.

I hope very soon I will be experienced enough to attach a camera to my hang glider, for now you'll have to make do with shots taken from the ground.


Anonymous said...

That take-off must have been exhilirating! I was wondering how things were progressing. Lucky it was this weekend you got back up in the air rather than last weekend! Don't worry about delays, it's persistence that counts.

Unknown said...

Well, i just dropped by to let you know of a competition that is running at the africanloft.

Pls, participate.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the great progress mate. I really enjoy reading this blog, very interesting!

Any new news on your gliding? I've barely flown at all this year, so you are doing great!

Tizeagle said...

Shola we haven't seen you at come by and post your updates.

Tom Sterner
North Texas Hang Glider

Anonymous said...

I don't suppose that the miserable summer we had gave you much opportunity for progress - next year will be better!