Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Hang Glider training update.

My hang glider training is going well, and it looks like I will get my pilot rating by Saturday.

The forecasted rain did turn up today, but not before I had been to the hang glider towing field where I managed to do 8 complete circuits and spot landings, so I wasn´t affected too much by the bad weather.

I have now completed all my tow based training, I just need to fly off a hill to do some tasks that can only be done at safe heights above the ground, and the field we use for towing is not big enough to allow me to be launched to such a height.

All being well Thursday will be the day, and I will have all tasks signed of, I will then be able to do some extra work with Tony Webb (my instructor) specific towards my hang gliding challenge.

Perfect wind for flying hang gliders

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