Monday, July 18, 2005

Sun Stoke!

No not me!

Having looked at the weather forecast, which looked good 10mph westerly wind, no showers, I called the Green Dragons flight line to be told sorry the designated Hang gliding instructor is suffering from Sun Stroke, so no hang gliding today!

I called the office in the afternoon to re-book my appointment and was then told that the weathermen had also got it wrong, as the winds were too strong for training anyway.

My next hang gliding training is booked for Tuesday 26th July.


Anonymous said...

Aviation seems to be stopped by the weather so often!

Good luck for the 26th.

Shola said...

Yes, and when training, the margin is even less, so conditions which are suitable for a qualified pilot might not be good for training.

Anonymous said...

You're right - I remember days when now I would be happy to fly ended up having lessons cancelled.

Powered aircraft rather than hang gliders, but the principles are the same!