Saturday, October 08, 2005

New hang glider training date.

I will now be going to Spain on the 10th of December to continue my hang glider training with Lejair Hang Gliding School.

I haven't completed all arrangments yet, but have at least got the time off work. The plan is that this time I will be able to complete my hang glider training and get all the paperwork necessary for me to join a local flying club here in the UK and gain experience required to continue with my gliding challenge.

Here is to hoping to me returning as a hang glider pilot.


EKENYERENGOZI Michael Chima said...

Dear Shola Ogunlokun,
Please, I was not responding to your comment on Nneka's post on the sick psycho who was having phone sex or whatever they call it.

I am glad you realized that.

I try as much as I can to relate with all Nigerians in the blogosphere and I do so without dictating to them.

Your Challenge is an inspiration to me.

In fact, I am too busy to be calling people names.

The political situation here in the Niger Delta is critical as already reported in the news in the UK. And I am as I write engaged in a battle of wits with TellShell International and a legal battle is staring at me in the face like a bull seeing a red flag. So, I am not in a joking mood. That is why as you noticed I responded that the sick man was a moron.

On your Challenge.
My producer told me he called you.
But, he is sorting out his accommodation in the UK before leaving Nigeria tomorrow. He has visa, return ticket and some cash. But, he has not fully paid for the reservation for his accommodation.
I just want him to see you in training that's all. He is not going to produce or direct the short documentary I am planning on your Challenge.

Christopher said...

Wow, I must say good luck and I really hope you make your dream come true! This is a lot more intresting to read about then some guy who can spit fire or someother odd talents people have. You doing this proves that no matter if your 20 or even 50 years old you can make a dream come true with a bit of support and the will to do it! Please keep us all updated on this!

Queenb said...

Shola I must say I am afraid for you O! land is not enough for you to spread your wing? It must be a mid life careful sha!!