Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Hang gliding training week!

I had so much been looking forward getting some hang glider training done during the week beginning August 22, 2005, as the weather hadn't been too bad the last couple of days, and with 5 days booked off work at least I should be able to have 3 days of free flying and I had the Bank holiday weekend from which I could steal a day or two if needed to complete my hang glider club pilot rating. Well it all turned out to be a dream. I did not get to make a single trip to Norfolk, it was either rain or the wind that put paid to all my hang gliding plans.

I'm totally devastated, the only option left for me is to bite the bullet and take a week off and go to Spain to finish off what I started there. I will see how things go the next couple of days, and then make up my mind on the next course of action.

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