Thursday, February 03, 2005

How am I fly hangglider across the UK

To responsilbly fly a hang glider in the UK, you need to be a member of the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association and posses the right pilot endorsements.

This verifies that you have undergone the right hang glider training and are insured against any 3rd party incidents.

I therefore intend to get a full FLPA (foot launched powered aircraft) endorsement which will enable me to do the cross country flight.

First step is to obtain a CP (club pilot) endorsement, this will allow me to fly in a club environment using a sky floater like the Aeros target hang glider get some valuable fly experience and the fufill the entry requirements to join the FLPA course.

Once FLPA qualified, I will build up my XC (cross country) hang gliding knowledge before embarking on the challenge proper.

So for those of you who are asking if this is going to be a power free attempt, the answer is no, I intended to be using a doodlebug harness and a target glider.

I hope to build a support team of experienced pilots who will guide me through training, help plan the route and all logistics to do this safely and ensure success, I will also have a video production team with HD cameras following me filming a documentary which will either broadcast on TV or made into a DVD.

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