Saturday, February 25, 2006

Hang Glider Training Video

Here is a clip of me training to fly a hang glider in Spain.

High quality versions are available below:

Quicktime users can click hang glider training video.

Windows Media Users click hang gliding training video.

If you are also thinking of learning to fly a hang glider, I would highly recommend my instructor Tony Webb who operates in Algodonales, Spain.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shola, Nice video.
I assume you are going to use a powered glider during your flight?

Secondly, is it o.k to disseminate your video widely to help publicise your training?


Shola said...

The flight will be in a powered hang glider.

Please feel free to pass video on to anyone you like.

Bar L. said...

Shola!!! That was so fun to watch! How cool! I will link to you today and will also get back to you with an invite to Blog Mad, I have to figure out how to do it!

How is the campaign coming along?